18–23 August 2024 - Bertinoro, Italy

summer school

Between August 18th and August 23rd, 2024, the European Chips Skills Academy (ECS) together with the Aeneas association, Inside Industry Association and the European Association on Smart Systems Integration (EPoSS), are organising a summer school in the Residential Centre of the University of Bologna in Bertinoro, Italy.

In the vast domain of microelectronics, Integrated Circuits (ICs), commonly known as chips, undergo a series of intricate processes including design, fabrication, testing, and assembly. Integrated into electronic systems, they are powered and animated by software, serving as vital conduits between the physical and digital worlds. Applications of chips span various sectors such as telecommunications, automotive, and biomedical devices, revolutionising communication systems, enabling electric cars and autonomous driving, and enhancing healthcare through minimally invasive surgeries and improved diagnosis capabilities.

The Summer School targets undergraduate students in all fields of STEM coming from Eu-based universities or universities located in associated countries, in the midst of applying to a Master degree, or preparing to choose a major for a graduate degree. Selection will be based on: CV, statement of purpose, recommendation letters (up to three), academic transcript. The program will be completely held in english, therefore a good knowledge of the language is required. Moreover, there are other factors that will be considered in the selection on the basis of the general gender and geographical balance, in order to ensure the highest level of diversity. 

The Summer school will cover four main topics: Semiconductor technology, Integrated circuits design, Digital systems and Embedded Intelligence and finally, integration. The structure will be developed on the base of frontal lectures, demonstrations and interactive activities. One of the main goals of the program is to showcase the various opportunities offered by the semiconductor sector and the vast implementation of microelectronic devices. 


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