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The ALLPROS.eu ecosystem

ALLPROS.eu is a reference point that leverages the widest possible range of the electronics value chain in the European Union.




An international observatory made up of a highly visual technology radar to map the best practices and use cases. The observatory helps to provide a greater understanding of the latest developments in the semiconductor market.



The Marketplace is composed of best practices and cross-sector synergies and effectively shares the results of start-ups, SMEs and large companies of the value chain.

Thematic Working Groups (TWGs)

Thematic Working Groups (TWGs)

The platform supports the Thematic Working Groups to track the technical evolution of the processor and semiconductor technologies.

Developing the next European generation of processors and semiconductors

Europe has an overall market share of around 10% of global semiconductor production and is heavily dependent on non-EU suppliers.

Not only are semiconductors foundational to tomorrow's technologies and therefore decisive for the EU's standing in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, autonomous driving, next-generation industrial applications, and beyond. But Europe's chip reserves could also be consumed within weeks in the event of a severe disruption of the global supply chain in certain critical industries, posing a serious risk to European sovereignty.

To strengthen its digital sovereignty, Europe needs to focus on developing its own next generation of processors and semiconductors, including design and manufacturing capabilities.

The semiconductor industry value chain


Thematic Working Groups (TWGs)

ALLPROS.eu is to set up different TWGs to support the European Chips Act.

If you are interested in getting involved in one of these TWGs starting soon, please complete the expression of interest below!


Competence centres


International scenarios


Skills shortage


More TWGs coming soon!

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The ALLPROS.eu tools are beneficial for:

SMEs and Start-ups – benefit from improved access to investment, new partnerships, and technology transfer

Associations and Trade Organisations – a forum to advance industry advocacies and involvement in European policy consultations

Large enterprises – benefit from public and private R&D collaborations and a forum to reach policymakers and other market actors to reduce barriers

General public – understand the importance of the EU semiconductor industry and the EU efforts towards ensuring competitiveness

Research and academia – establish new collaborations on semiconductor innovations and understand what academia can do to alleviate skills shortage

Vertical industries representatives – collaboration opportunities for improved applications of processor and semiconductor technologies

Policymakers – have a platform to synergise their national funding efforts with other EU funding intiatives

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