18–21 June 2024 - City of Cork in Ireland

EPoSS 2024

From June 18th to June 21st , the European Association on Smart Systems Integration - EPoSS, will be co-hosting together with the Tyndall National Institute, the EPoSS Annual Forum 2024 in Cork, Ireland. 

The EPoSS association leads the development and integration of intelligent and green Smart Systems (SS) and during its annual forum the goal is to gather the European SS community under the following motto: Sensing the Future of Smart Systems: Bridging Minds and Microelectronics.

During the event participants who have submitted their presentations and Posters on Smart Systems Integration (SSI) by February 26, 2024, will be able to showcase them. Moreover, Brokerage opportunities will be arranged to establish connections, focusing particularly on SMEs, start-ups, and young researchers.

Relevance for the ALLPROS.eu community - connecting industry and researchers 

This event represents a valuable opportunity for the entire ALLPROS.eu community to give a glance into the future of Smart Systems. It will be possible to learn more about the latest innovations and developments in the field of microelectronics. Companies will have the chance to meet researchers and to open up to new ideas, while researchers will have the chance to connect and present their ideas to industry representatives. This possibility of connection and exchange is exactly what Europe needs to tackle the skills gap and bridge, as the event’s motto says, minds and microelectronics. 

More information on the event’s agenda, venue and its past editions, can be found here