6–8 March 2024 - Vienna, Austria

Industry Strategy Symposium Europe (ISS Europe) 2024

Between March 6, 2024 and March 8, 2024, SEMI Europe will hold the ISS Europe 2024 in Vienna, Austria, at the premises of the Hilton Vienna Park. 

In the rapidly transforming global semiconductor landscape and the emerging forces of digital transformation, Europe wants to assume a pivotal role in propelling industry growth. The implementation of the EU Chips Act will make 2024 a decisive year, and determine the shape of the industry for the years to come.

The Industry Strategy Symposium promises to be an must-attend forum, shedding light on the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Delving into key themes, the symposium will explore strategies for fostering innovation, reinforcing research and development endeavors, and fortifying the resilience of supply chains. Furthermore, discussions will encompass critical considerations related to European sovereignty and sustainability, acknowledging the broader implications for the continent's technological autonomy.

As the semiconductor landscape continues to evolve, the symposium becomes a focal point for strategic dialogue, shaping Europe's future engagement and impact in this vital industry.

More information on speakers and agenda here