29 January 2024 - Online

Webinar: The state of the semiconductor market in Europe and the world

Step into the world of semiconductor innovation with the inaugural Market Trends Webinar Series. In this exclusive event, we navigate the ever-changing landscape of the global semiconductor industry, with a particular focus on Europe. The webinar will offer insights into the semiconductor value chain, market dynamics, and the powerful forces shaping this dynamic sector.

This webinar will also shed light on the skill-related challenges faced by the semiconductor industry and the projects working to resolve them, with a focus on university-industry partnerships. 

Main Workshop Goals:

  • Inaugurate the Market Trends Webinar Series: This webinar marks the beginning of a series that provides a deep dive into the semiconductor industry, shedding light on the value chain landscape and illustrating its configuration in Europe and globally.
  • Forecasting industry trends: Provide forecasts for the semiconductor industry, focusing on the next few years, segmented by various aspects and overall strategies.
  • Business trend awareness: Foster awareness of the business trends propelling silicon content forward, including the impact of emerging technologies like AI and their influence on industries such as automotive.
  • Skills-related challenges: Shed light on the challenges faced by the semiconductor industry in terms of skills development and introduce ongoing projects designed to address these issues, with a strong emphasis on university-industry collaboration.
  • Supply chain best practices: Present an overview of industry leaders' strategies and initiatives aimed at resolving industry challenges and optimizing supply chain operations.

Who should attend?
The event is a must-attend for the semiconductor industry players, policymakers of industrial and competition policy, academics and researchers focused on semiconductors, microelectronics, high technology manufacturing. The event is open to anyone interested in the semiconductor value chain, microelectronics horizons, semiconductors AI/HPC technology.

The event is free of charge but registration is mandatory. Registered participants will receive by email the link to access the event.




Introducing the current semiconductor value chain landscape

- Welcome and opening remarks
- Introduction of ALLPROS.eu


Semiconductors Market Trends based on 2023 data

- Overview of the Semiconductor Market (10 minutes)

  •  A historical perspective on the growth and evolution of the semiconductor market.
  •  An overview of the current state of the industry.
  •  An outlook of global markets, Europe, Asia, North America, RoW

- Market Trends (10 minutes)

  • Discussion of the latest market trends and developments in semiconductor technology: the future of the semiconductor industry in different segments
  • Focus on emerging technologies and their impact on the industry (AI, HPC, others)

- Industries and Supply Chain Challenges (10 minutes)

  • Key Industries demanding silicon content in Europe (automotive, green transition, energy, others)
  • Addressing supply chain disruptions and challenges in the semiconductor industry.

- Challenges & best practices related to skills

- Industry best practices


Major Challenges Europe is facing in semiconductors?

- Q&A


Upcoming Calls, closing remarks & main takeaways