Blueprint report -

On 19 June 2024, has released the “Blueprint Report: Bridging the Skills Gap in the Semiconductor Industry”. The Blueprint presents 7 strategic recommendations developed by the Thematic Working Group on Skills to address the talent shortage and strengthen the European semiconductor ecosystem.


The increasing demand for skilled talent in the semiconductor industry has been a persisting challenge that has prompted governments and companies to take strategic actions. As the semiconductor manufacturing requires a wide range of specialised skills, addressing the talent gap showed to be a complex challenge that is difficult, if not impossible, to solve by unilateral means.

To bridge the efforts of the European industry, governments and academia, has launched a Thematic Working Group on Skills aimed at providing recommendations on how to tackle the talent gap considering the market needs. Based on the Triple Helix approach, the TWG on Skills gathered leading organisations working on skills development in the semiconductor industry to collect best practices and key recommendations.

Thanks to the analysis and insights gained from the TWG on Skills, has developed the Blueprint Report, a joint document aimed at providing practical guidelines to tackle the issue from the industry, education and government perspective.


Download the Blueprint Report to obtain a comprehensive overview of the key trends, existing initiatives, and recommendations to expand the talent pool for the semiconductor sector in Europe!


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