The Eu Launches the European semiconductor regions alliance (esra)

The European Semiconductor Regions Alliance was initiated earlier this year by the Free State of Saxony, aiming at uniting regions across Europe in a joint effort to strengthen the EU's capacity of production in the semiconductor industry and enhance cooperation. Today 14 regions have finally signed the declaration stating their commitment to the creation of this new political network. 

Seeking promotion of growth and competitiveness 

The Alliance will seek to foster a higher degree of engagement between regions in the field of microelectronics to best respond to the European Chips Act approved on July 25, 2023 by the EU Council of Ministries. As the March 6, 2023 Joint declaration had already anticipated, the objective of the Alliance is the promotion of growth and competitiveness of the sector with benefits not only for the parties themselves but for Europe as a whole. As many representatives of the regions have made clear during the ceremony, ESRA embodies Europe’s core values of coexistence and complementarity. Knowledge, best practices and innovation will be shared to develop a strong and integrated value chain - not as competitors, rather as allies. To meet the final goal it will focus on a number of activities centred around some pivotal areas such as: research and innovation, skills and talent development, and cluster development and collaboration. 

In the invitation to the official launch ceremony Michael Kretschmer, who is Minister-President of Saxony since 2017, encouraged European companies to take advantage of this opportunity and of this particular moment when, as he describes: ‘the signals are set green for increasing European competitiveness in the global context of this key technology’. During the conference he had the chance to reaffirm how ESRA will be pivotal for the success of green and digital transition and for bottom up initiatives aiming at bringing EU citizens closer. 

Attraction of foreign investors was mentioned but not without regard to the importance of promoting local talent and resources with a long-term perspective. As Andrea Tronzano, Piedmont region councillor for economic development and finance declared today, ‘We are pragmatic, not dogmatic’, restating the innovative and practical nature of ESRA.

A united message to the world 

ESRA’s formation represents an extraordinary opportunity for the European Semiconductor landscape. It emphasises the importance of complementarity and cooperation in the preservation of Europe’s competitiveness, resilience, and ultimately, security. Day after day, Europe is sending a stronger message to the world: it is ready to compete, united.