Post-event report: Bridging the Skills Shortage in the EU Semiconductor Industry

The post-event report on Bridging the Skills Shortage in the EU Semiconductor Industry provides an overview of the webinar held on 17th May 2023. The event was organised with the purpose of bringing together industry experts and leaders, policymakers, academic leaders, and industry associations to provide insights on the link between gender inclusion and the skills shortage in the semiconductor field.

The webinar kicked off with a targeted introduction from the European Commission on their Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2021, followed by two panel discussions and presentations of already established initiatives that provide essential resources for skills development in Europe. It covered multiple areas of the microelectronics sector: insights and experiences from women industry leaders, trends and challenges identified by experts, and the harmonisation of current initiatives to promote skills.

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At the moment, efforts are being made to make Europe an attractive place for semiconductor investments. Several major companies have already made investments that will lead to a growing demand for skilled workers in both the manufacturing and design segments of the industry.

Commissioner Lucilla Sioli, Director for “Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry” at DG CONNECT, European Commission