The first ever issue of Chip Chronicles is here! The periodic digest brings all the news and information from the world of semiconductors, featuring interviews and insights from experts and leaders all across Europe and in-depth assessments of the evolving landscape. This 1st issue, the European Chips Act takes the spotlight!

In this first issue, you will find insights from experts and major actors in the European semiconductor ecosystem covering:

  • The European Chips Act
  • Chips Act Pillars
  • Chips JU: Europe’s game-changer in semiconductor technology
  • Suite of Tools for the Semiconductor Industry
  • Supply Chain success stories 
  • Policy Brief: Open Source Silicon holds a potential to support Europe’s quest for more independence in the semiconductor industry
  • 3 Major Topics Impacting the European Semiconductor Sector - Interview with Silicon Saxony’s Frank Bösenberg 
  • Reports


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Chip Chronicles, Issue 1