European chip ecosystem and open source silicon

"The European Chip Ecosystem and Open Source Silicon" policy brief introduces the open source silicon approach in terms of its importance for semiconductor research and development as well as its industrial integration in Europe. The background of this approach and its relations to the semiconductor value chain are investigated in an overview of the open source silicon landscape.

The strengths and weaknesses of open source silicon and their implications for Europe’s strategic opportunities are consequently examined: a SWOT analysis will form the basis for concrete policy recommendations on the potential of open source silicon to strengthen Europe’s semiconductor ecosystem. Here, a focus lies on research and development as well as on start-ups and SMEs in Europe.

The objective is to elucidate the significance of the open source silicon approach in the context of semiconductor research and development, and its incorporation into the European industry. This document will tackle the background of this approach, its connections to the semiconductor value chain, and its advantages and disadvantages, exploring their implications for Europe. The knowledge generation process underpinning this brief encompasses focused research, consultations with experts, and insights gathered from workshops and webinars hosted by