Working Groups


What is a Working Group?

A Working Group (WG) is a group of experts, who have a genuine interest in sharing their experience and becoming key players in addressing the most pressing issues for the chips industry.

Each WG is focused on a specific topic and aligns with the objectives defined by the European Commission to strengthen the chips manufacturing industry.

Though regular strategic meetings, the members of the WGs shape the policy and industry discussion around key issues for the semiconductor sector in Europe.


Who is involved?

All WGs have one common feature: they are based on the Triple Helix approach. The Triple Helix approach aims at bringing together Industry, Research & Academia and Policy-makers to comprehensively address the identified issues.

Within the semiconductor industry this approach deserves a particular attention. The challenges Europe faces require a constant discussion between all the stakeholders and the WGs aim to provide a secure place for this to happen.



List of open Working Groups

The objective of the WGs is to raise a discussion on well-defined topics that need to be tackled to make the chips industry more resilient in Europe. The topics are aligned with the European Commission’s priorities and the list of members is up to approval by the consortium. The list of open WGs will be gradually expanded to address more topics.


Working Group on Skills

TWG on Skills

The WG on Skills brings together a broad range of stakeholders who have interest and expertise in addressing the skills shortage in the chips industry. The WG on Skills is a closed group selected to represent the perspective of academia, policy-making and industry and contribute to the delivery of a landscape Blueprint on how to address the skills shortage in Europe.

The Working Group on Skills focuses on:

  • Skills gaps analysis in the chips industry
  • Best practices at the academia and industry level
  • Proposals for future initiatives and policy recommendations
More information on the WG on Skills

Working Group on Supply Chains

TWG on Skills

The WG on Supply Chains aims to provide an industry perspective on how to increase the semiconductor supply chain resilience in Europe. By sharing expertise and knowledge, the WG on Supply Chains advise the European Commission on possible future actions.

The Working Group on Supply Chains focuses on:

  • State of the supply chain
  • Potential disruptions, dependencies and challenges
  • Analysis and recommendations for the future

Working Group on PFAS

TWG on Skills

The WG on PFAS promotes strategies to manage, mitigate and replace PFAS in semiconductor manufacturing. The WG includes manufacturers, suppliers, academia and research institutions to provide a comprehensive overview on the potential risks and recommendations.

The Working Group on PFAS analyses:

  • Research priorities and existing studies
  • Definition and standardisation of PFAS
  • Process of conducting research and how to support the industry uptake