Latest news in the European Semiconductor Industry

European politics around chips

National security first: the Netherlands announce cuts in chips export

On 8 March, Dutch Trade Minister Liesje Schreinemacher stated in a letter to the parliament that restrictions for chip technology export will introduced before the summer. 

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The launch of the Alliance of European Semiconductor Regions

13 major microelectronics regions signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Brussels to create the Alliance of European Semiconductor Regions, which aims at supporting the Europe’s semiconductor industry.

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Events for the Semiconductor Industry



18 April: Online Workshop on Competence Centres in Semiconductors

Register now for the Online Workshop on Competence Centres in Semiconductors, organised by the European Commission in cooperation with The event will cover the services and conditions provided by competence centres in Europe.

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Investing in Semiconductors Industry

The start-up that innovates advanced semiconductors manufacturing

AlixLabs, a start-up based in Lund, Sweden, has secured € 908.7 k in funding to continue developing the company’s innovative Atomic Layer Etching (ALE) Pitch Splitting technology (APS).  

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EIB grants a €600 million loan to STMicroelectronics

The European Investment Bank granted substantial financial support for semiconductor research and development, as well as for pilot production lines for advanced semiconductors. 

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Innovation & Semiconductors

More sustainable solutions for chips manufacturing developed by imec

By using the modeling platform imec.netzero, imec managed to assess the environmental impact of patterning in advanced IC manufacturing. In the future, the “virtual fab” tool could decrease the CO2 emissions.  

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“Chips from Finland” - the new initiative to boost national expertise in microchips

The initiative was proposed earlier this month and aims to involve industries, research centres, universities, and cities to create a national microchip programme in Finland.

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A new academic research program for sustainable semiconductor manufacturing

Merck and Intel signed a MoU to invest in a new program that will enable more sustainable semiconductor manufacturing. A particular focus will be on how to leverage AI and ML technologies in the semiconductor industry.

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